Bloodys & Brunch

Stop by for our weekend brunch and enjoy one of Chicagoist’s “14 Best Bloody Marys in Chicago” for only $5. We have new specials each week as well as $5 Mimosas and Screw Drivers. Check out the menu here.

From Chicagoist:

Schubas has been my favorite Bloody in the city for almost 10 years. Nothing fancy about the mix—it’s salty and smokey thanks to Worcestershire, and spicy via horseradish, tabasco and cracked black pepper. It’s served with wedges of lemon and lime, which brighten the salt/spice and make the thing virtually refreshing. I also love the accompanying spear of olive, salami and a cube of jack cheese — it’s basically a brunch appetizer and it’s often on special for $5.” — Lizz Kannenberg



(Top photo taken by @lizhohl. Photo above by @jnflynn525.)