Harmony Grill’s Special Ingredient: Kale


This attractive, non-heading member of the cabbage family has been cultivated for over 2,000 years. Though it grows in warm climates, it’s happiest in colder climates where for centuries its high vitamin content has made it particularly popular with northern Europeans.

What To Look For

Kale has a mild, cabbagey flavor and comes in many varieties and colors. Most kale is easily identified by its frilly leaves arranged in a loose bouquet. The colors range due to different climates and soil conditions. In the United States, the deep green variety is most common. Kale is most prominent during the winter months but is available all year around at your local grocery store. Choose richly colored, realitively small bunches, avoiding any limp or yellowing leaves. Because the center stalk is tough, it should be removed before the kale is used. Kale may be prepared in any way suitable to spinach and small amounts make a nice addition to salads.

Nutritional Value

Kale provides ample amounts of vitamins A and C, folic acid, calcium and iron.

How We Use It

Here at The Harmony Grill, we use kale for our pork chop which is served with sauteed kale, peach chutney, and corn pudding. Also, sauteed kale can be ordered as a side dish. The technique for proper sauteed kale is simple. Heat a sautee pan over medium to high heat. Add your oil and quickly move the greens around in the pan for about 3 minutes. Turn to high heat and add a liquid to quickly braise the greens. Cook until tender and season with salt and pepper and enjoy one of best super foods around.

Goose Island Brewmaster’s Dinner – Chef Retrospective

Hi all!

Greetings from the Schubas and Harmony Grill chefs. We recently hosted our first Goose Island Beer dinner (first for this regime anyway), and we are pleased to announce that it was a smashing success. Let’s face it, we can’t go wrong with something that involves this kitchen’s two most favorite things: beer and food. (Sex and rock-n-roll is on that list too, but this is a family bar and restaurant.)

Here at Schubas we have enjoyed a long and healthy relationship with Goose Island Brewing Co. Our bar features many of their flagship as well as seasonal and craft beers. It’s good stuff and it was a pleasure working with their brewmaster, Brett Hall, on this event. We can’t wait to do more with these guys!

As for the menu that night, we first paired the Sofie with a shrimp, scallop, and roasted corn ceviche, followed by raspberry BBQ pulled pork atop Johnny cakes, which went well with the caramelly Matilda. Next came the Pere Jacques, served with a charcuterie plate of lamb rillete, arugula salad, cornichons, toasted baguette, and a cherry gastrique.

For the main course, we matched the peppercorn flavor of the Pepe Nero with a black peppercorn crusted beef tenderloin atop a golden potato pancake. And finally for dessert, a debut from the Island, the triple brewed with fig Black Mission Belgian Ale, served with locally grown berry tarts topped with a balsamic gastrique.

We can’t overstate how fun the night was. All of the guests were pleased and left full of good food and beer. We have more booze and food-related dinners coming up, so be sure to frequent our site and buy your seat early. You won’t want to miss out next time! Or, if you were part of this event, we hope to see you again soon. And you can always stop in and sample some of the good stuff we serve year round here at Schubas. Thanks!

- The Schubas Chefs.

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