Goose Island Brewmaster’s Dinner

Since Goose Island no longer does beer dinners, you don’t want to miss this one! The dinner will be an introduction of Black Mission to the Fulton & Wood line. Full lineup of beers coming soon.

Here’s a bit of info about your host for the night. Goose Island’s Brewmaster, Brett Porter, is responsible for creative and technical development of Goose Island’s award-winning portfolio of beers.

Goose Island’s Head Brewer since May 2010, Porter was promoted to Brewmaster in April of 2011. Goose Island’s third Brewmaster, Porter is poised to continue the company’s growth as it sets the stage for the future, “As Brewmaster, my biggest responsibility is making sure there is enough of each of our Goose Island beers to go around.”

Renowned in beer circles for his mastery of the techniques of brewing, Porter’s experience at Goose Island has allowed him to focus on creativity and innovation. “Goose Island has somehow retained an approach to beer that you often only find at brewpubs,” he says, “an ultimate respect for the craft of brewing. John Hall is always encouraging brewers to first do what is best for the beer. It is the kind of environment where a brewer can focus on the craft and be creative to explore.”

Click here to buy your tickets. Don’t delay as this $48 Early Bird price won’t last.

It’s all sold out!


The featured courses for the evening will be:

First Course:
Sofie: Belgian Pale aged in wine barrels with orange peel
Shrimp and scallop ceviche with roasted corn, red pepper, onions, jalapeno, cilantro. Served in a white corn tortilla cup

Second Course:
Matilda: Belgian Ale, hint of caramel and tobacco
Pulled pork in a peach raspberry barbecue sauce atop golden Johnny cakes. Topped with pickled cabbage

Third Course:
Pere Jacques: Belgian ale, sweet and malty, toasted oak flavors
Lamb rillete and arugula salad, cherry gastrique. Served with cornichons and toasted baguette

Fourth Course:
Pepe Nero: Belgian farmhouse ale brewed with peppercorns
Peppercorn crusted beef tenderloin medallions over potato pancakes with roasted lamb demi-glace

Fifth Course:
Black Mission: Belgian trippel brewed with black mission figs
Fresh local berry tart topped with balsamic gastrique